[Scribus] Can anybody explain KDE/qt3 situation?

John nesredep
Sun Oct 16 21:23:19 CEST 2005

Apparently, Scribus 1.21+ (or 1.22) works with KDE 3.3.2

(This is on a Mepis installation, just as installed, scribus and all. As far
as I know, this is one of the latest Mepis configurations.)

Ok, then I try to update with synaptic. The standard repositories DO offer
something later than the Mepis installation. Furthermore, when I installed a
PGP key and the repository as per the Scribus Wiki, there are even more
recent versions available.

BUT.... If I were to do the Scribus upgrade (ANY of them; standard
repository, scribus repository, or 1.3), Synaptic is telling me that it will
strip out just about my entire system!!!!!!!!!!! KDEBASE will be gone, and a
ton of useful stuff with it! All kinds of things that have nothing to do
with Scribus will be removed.

Ok, there's some kind of issue with libqt3--I've seen references to this. I
probably could get around this by compiling. However, in my experience, when
I try doing these REALLY REALLY EASY compile operations, it often means
hours of hair-tearing. Isn't there ANY binary deb package that works with
KDE 3.3.2 or higher?

Is there an article on the Wiki that can explain what's going on in terrms
that an idiot can understand? (I'm definitely not a newbie to Linux--just an

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