[Scribus] Help for box with big quotation marks

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sun Oct 16 15:58:17 CEST 2005

> Daniele schrieb:
>> Hi all, I need several "quotation box" with big quotation mark (60pt, 
>> black and opacity 50%) and some text (20pt).
>> Which is the better way to achieve this result ?
>> For now, tree box, one for text and two for quotation converted to 
>> outline. Looks good but I have to move manually the markers for 
>> following the text flow..
>> Would be wonderfull to have a sort of auto-function for this.
>> Inline graphics could be usefull ? How it works ??
A couple of approaches which might help would be either to make these 
elements into a group, which you copy and then edit the text frame 
(resizing and repositioning still necessary), or the second choice would 
be to save the quotations marks in the scrapbook (individually), then 
use them after you have placed, sized, and adjusted the text frame.  If 
you're doing a large number of these, writing down the relative 
positions of the elements will stop some of the fiddling and make sure 
they're all positioned the same.


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