[Scribus] OS X version issues

Andreas Vox avox
Sun Oct 16 00:22:15 CEST 2005

Elaine CoolOwl wrote:

> Good morning!
> I've had a look at the bug reporter and don't know what to do next.
> It's a complex thing and I've no idea where to start.

Create an account, then "report issue", make sure to mention PPCOSX 
platform or Macintosh or Aqua, fill in Description. I'd be interested 
in the OSX version also,
It doesn't have to be perfect, we can fill in missing details later.

> I have the crash report (the automatic window which would like me to
> send it to Apple - what good that'd do Apple I cannot imagine ;-)) If
> Andreas or someone else would like to look at it, I'll send it 
> off-list.

Yes please, My address is listed under Help -> "About Scribus" -> 

> Tried to open a new doc but app did not respond. Worked through all
> the prefs and went to open a newsletter template when Scribus crashed.
> I have the 1.3.2 version and do not understand if I was meant to
> download another lot of Frameworks or whether the ones for 1.3.1 will
> work.

Hm, yes, I forgot to make that clear. You should replace Qt.framework,  
Fontconfig2.framework and Freetype.framework with the new ones from 
The ones in Libraries-B didn't change.


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