[Scribus] Xara Xtreme

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Sat Oct 15 01:03:45 CEST 2005

Craig Bradney schrieb:

> On Friday 14 October 2005 10:50, Paul F. Johnson wrote:
>>>As another example, not just anyone can have write access to the main
>>>scribus CVS can they?
>>Correct. Patches can be submitted, applied and checked in by those not
>>authorised to write to the server. I see no difference between this
>>method and that proposed by Xara.
> And not only that, its only the development team who knows where our CVS 
> server is. In fact, we have sites and servers all over the world to keep our 
> source safe.
> Open source does not mean every Bill and John gets to throw his Hello World! 
> easter egg into everyones favourite DTP, graphics, WP, spreadsheet or mail 
> program.
> Craig

I don't think this is specific to Scribus. Any ambitious FOSS project 
will have to take similar precautions to prevent the code from being 
messed up.

I also hope "Scribus" is already trademarked, because otherwise it would 
be possible for someone else to take the code and produce (and sell) his 
own GPL'd version called "Scribus". That might not survive in a court 
room, but it would be expensive to fight it out.



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