[Scribus] Xara Xtreme

frank gaude' tanzen
Thu Oct 13 22:49:47 CEST 2005

Gregory Pittman wrote:

> frank gaude' wrote:
>> The Xara is going OSS and has offered to share code, team with other 
>> graphics programmers or whatever.
> Of course, there's OSS and there's OSS, so it remains to be seen what 
> kind of sharing they think is good. They may be looking for more help 
> than they intend to give. The Scribus list certainly documents the 
> need for more graphics manipulation possibilities. If something could 
> connect through the Scripter, or maybe connect like Gimp does now, 
> various stumbling blocks could be overcome.

I have the full version running under WinXP and the startup version, 
Xara LX, running under FC4, 32 bit. It would run under the 64-bit FC4.

If you read the Help section of their Linux download page you can see 
where they wish to go:


They have already made what they have GPL, so it is up to the 
programmers who wish to help get a full-featured Xara on Linux and Mac 
OSX. Playing around with the present Linux version they are getting 
there by their own programmers. Just think, this program would make lots 
of folks stand up and take note, with Linux getting more use in the 
graphic design world, and Adobe and Microsoft lose market share. Their 
Win version is so fast, so full of innovation. Enough said, by me 
anyway. <smile>


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