[Scribus] Xara Xtreme

Benjamin Green ben
Fri Oct 14 10:36:59 CEST 2005

> I see a high probability of conflict between the OOS community and Xara.
> Specifically, they are "managing"  the the introduction of their code and
> limiting the number of developers. This is not how OSS works...
> I detect the presence of flying monkeys dressed as salesmen and  
> lawyers...

This sort of thing is not without precedence within the open source  
community. Note OpenOffice.org and it gradual path to OSS, with Sun now  
actually allowing developers freedom to use their own code elsewhere for  
the  first time, and opening up a number of tiers of public CVS. Novell  
didn't open all of Hula straight away, and there are many example of small  
developers not opening up their code until they thought it was ready for  
development by a community. So, open source certainly has worked this way  
(for some projects) in the past, and will probably continue to. The  
openess of a development community and the openess of a license are two  
different things, but usaully intertwined.

As another example, not just anyone can have write access to the main  
scribus CVS can they?

Ben Green

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