[Scribus] Xara Xtreme

Paul F. Johnson paul
Fri Oct 14 10:50:10 CEST 2005


> > I see a high probability of conflict between the OOS community and Xara.
> > Specifically, they are "managing"  the the introduction of their code and
> > limiting the number of developers. This is not how OSS works...

Actually, it can be. I remember one application which came from the dark
side which was released to 4 developers for about 2 months with them
charged to get the code up to scratch for the OSS community. Also, as
soon as the code is released onto their website, everyone can have it.

> > I detect the presence of flying monkeys dressed as salesmen and  
> > lawyers...

Possibly. I can't say. I can say that I was blown away by the demo
videos on their website!

> As another example, not just anyone can have write access to the main  
> scribus CVS can they?

Correct. Patches can be submitted, applied and checked in by those not
authorised to write to the server. I see no difference between this
method and that proposed by Xara.



"Logic, my dear Zoe, is merely the ability to be wrong with authority" -
Dr Who

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