1.3.x is available for Debian, was Re: [Scribus] Newbie: Howto autosize text frames and other (I am sure)

John Jordan johnxj
Wed Oct 12 05:17:35 CEST 2005

On 11 Oct 2005, at 11:40, Oleksandr Moskalenko wrote:

> I have no access to 64-bit hardware and my computing resources are
> limited, so an attempt to set up 64-bit hardware virtualization is
> going to be quite difficult. So, you are right. I don't provide any
> 64-bit packages due to the above reasons. You would have to build your
> own package from source. Fortunately with the current state of apt and
> packages like apt-build and apt-src, it is _very_ easy for you to
> track my packages personally on your 64-bit system.

Thanks, but you have assumed I hvae a far greater knowledge of 
Linux than I do. I used apt-get once from the command line, 
following detailed instructions from someone on the net. I don't 
know what apt-build and apt-src are. I have never compiled 
anything. I also don't know what "source" means.

I guess I'll just wait until there is a 64-bit .deb file in a repository 
where Synaptic can find it. Someone with my limited knowledge of 
Linux should probably not be using stuff that is beta software 

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