[Scribus] Booklet Printing

Carol Kankelborg cckborg1
Mon Oct 3 16:40:01 CEST 2005

Peter Nermander wrote:

>>I love multivalent - but I'm not sure about if it's set up for bleeding.
> No, that's the problem, you have very little control over the grid it uses for
> imposition.
>>Peter, why not just write a python script the pages of a scribus
>>document itself, rather than messing with pdf imports?
> I didn't know it was possible to import a scribus page into a frame? As far as I
> know it's not possible, thus you have to import as a PDF image.
> /Peter

It is possible to import scribus pages as such onto a new page (but not
into a frame).

Here is a link to a post I made two years ago in summary to the reponses
I got at the time regarding creating a booklet, including Peter Linnell's
description of how to manually impose the booklet pages onto sheets of


At the time, the psutils tools were not considered the best solution. I haven't
seen that expressed lately, so I don't know if they've become easier to use
correctly for print output. I did use the psutils tools to generate interim
drafts quickly. Later, I discovered CocoaBooklet which does basic imposition
for PDFs on the Macintosh (http://www.iconus.ch/fabien/cocoabooklet/). It
generated very large files so I only use it for drafts and do the manual
imposition before sending to the printers (actually, a copy shop).

You want to be aware that you want to do the manual imposition after you
have completed all editing and changes since it breaks links between text
frames. It also assumes you don't have a center page spread. However,
you can build the center page after imposing the rest of document.

Should I put the information from the Oct. '03 post in the wiki? Is it
still accurate, or is psutils a better way to do the imposition now? I would
rewrite it into article format.

I'm just starting in on my annual scribus voyage so I'll be more up-to-speed
in a few weeks.

Carol Kankelborg

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