[Scribus] Linux Font Editor?

Peter Nermander m8130
Mon Oct 3 08:04:40 CEST 2005

> Can we just get back to the font issue? I need a font with IPA
> characters that is (preferably) free, that is properly coded, and that
> I can recommend to beginning students. These students are going
> to use it with Word on Windows or a Mac to do their homework.

Just a short question, how are they going to "type" the IPA characters if the
font have them in "proper" locations? My experience with Word is that it is a
real pain to insert special characters from unicode fonts. (And it's a pain also
with Scribus, at least this far.)

I would also like to point out that LaTeX (as well as LyX, the graphical "LaTeX
editor") are available for both Windows and Mac, as well as linux. And they are
free (which MS Word is not).



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