[Scribus] Another happy user

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Mon Oct 3 02:29:51 CEST 2005

Hi Johan,

> Yeah, I used those features when importing, but what I'd really like is 
> the ability to say "Style X in the OpenOffice doc should be mapped to 
> Scribus style Y, and any inline formatting should be kept (or 
> removed)".

What you are suggesting is a more sophisticated importer, if I 
understand correctly. Please feel free to file a bug report with a 
detailed description of what you need. More advanced features will 
probably be possible with the new file format.

> I'm probably being a little nitpicky here, but when you have 
> a lot of different docs from a lot of different sources, and you're 
> trying to unify the look of your publication, consolidating styles is a 
> must.

I absolutely agree with you, but from my experience it makes much sense 
to do this either in OO.o *before* importing or in scribus *after* 
importing. OO.o's use of templates and styles is excellent, so you 
should think about doing the major text work in OO.o and the layout in 



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