[Scribus] Linux Font Editor?

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Mon Oct 3 01:21:18 CEST 2005

Hi John,

> Can we just get back to the font issue? I need a font with IPA 
> characters that is (preferably) free, that is properly coded, and that 
> I can recommend to beginning students. These students are going 
> to use it with Word on Windows or a Mac to do their homework. 
> The DTP/TeX/Scribus issue is irrelevant to them. 

Why don't you try google, yahoo or anything else? Try "ipa + fonts + 
truetype" or something like that. I did and got lots of useful links to 
fonts *for free*.

Another point, quoting your original posting:

"Are there any Linux font editors?

I may need something to make a font. A serious font for linguistics
work (IPA characters, plus regular characters, plus typesetting
features such as ligatures, various dashes, etc., so the font can be
used for publishing books)."

A lot of people here are trying to help you, and LaTeX is definitely a 
good if not the ideal solution to yours and other student's problems, as 
Robert has pointed out. That's all. You should have mentioned that you 
are looking for fonts you want to recommend to your fellow students for 
use in (shudder) Word.

> Also, when viewing the list on CTAN it showed tipa10, tipa12, 
> tipa17, and so on for a long list. Are these point sizes? If so, why?

Didn't check this myself, but I'm almost sure these are LaTeX fonts, 
which are bitmaps, whereas Type 1 would be vector fonts.



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