[Scribus] Linux Font Editor -- now going into OT issues

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sun Oct 2 21:40:38 CEST 2005

Rainer Heilke wrote:

> Actually, the fact that different people learn differently is now 
> well-known, and educators (the new, better ones) are now trying to 
> learn how to cope with this issue. My own experience in various fields 
> bears this out for me. Some people think visually, some textually, 
> some verbally,  some mathematically, etc.

Speaking as a neurologist, you're basically right.  People clearly have 
preferred learning styles, though typically I would say that even 
visually-oriented people want more than that, even though if visual were 
all they had, they could manage.
I took a course once, in which one of the exercises was a 
self-assessment test, that in the end spit out scores which identified 
predominant learning preferences -- for whatever reason there were four 
"quadrants" of style which, by the way, also included personal, 
emotional aspects of learning.

Now this was a room full of doctors (MDs), yet each quadrant had about 
one-fourth of the group in it.  And even so, when each member of each 
group was asked how they wanted information presented, people tended to 
want it all, they wanted to be able to flesh out the whole of it even 
though they might preferentially focus on one aspect to best 
"understand" what they were trying to learn.  So my interpretation of 
John's comments are not that texts are bad, but just that for him to get 
the most out of a text, he needs that lecture jump-start to help at 
first.  After that, he can use the text to help him revive the lecture 
experience in his head when he needs it.


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