[Scribus] Linux Font Editor?

Rainer Heilke rheilke
Sun Oct 2 18:33:27 CEST 2005

Robert Memering wrote:

>I don't believe in your "different" brain, I think it's a
>weak excuse.
Actually, the fact that different people learn differently is now 
well-known, and educators (the new, better ones) are now trying to learn 
how to cope with this issue. My own experience in various fields bears 
this out for me. Some people think visually, some textually, some 
verbally,  some mathematically, etc.

If John has trouble understanding something from a text, and needs 
someone to lay it out verbally (or, as Alro Guthrie would say, "colour 
8x10 photographs with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of 
each one") then I'll take him at his word. My wife is like this with our 
renovations--until I can visually show her with a diagram or model, she 
doesn't "get it", yet she's quite bright, with a solid career. And, to 
be frank, a lot of the computer texts out there--and I'll include the 
first TeX book I ever bought--are pathetic for a beginner to grasp. Many 
(most?) do NOT approach the topic starting with a good 
overview/background concepts chapter. Gregory's follow-up comments on 
how TeX works, and  how it doesn't  "launch", already goes worlds beyond 
the intro in most books (that is, this kind of explanation should be the 
first paragraph in a textbook/manual on any topic).

Just my 1.6 cents' worth.

Rainer Heilke

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