[Scribus] Linux Font Editor?

John Jordan johnxj
Sun Oct 2 07:22:25 CEST 2005

On 1 Oct 2005, at 17:46, Bart Alberti wrote:

> I agree. LaTeX is well worth learning and learning well (it produces
> exquisite matter). After all, you are a student of linguistics. You
> started somewhere, didn't you? You mastered the IPA symbols and their
> use and pronunciation which is more than I can do who barely speak my
> own (English-American) language well. You need a TEXT, yes! Study it!

It ain't gonna work. I did have TeX and LaTeX installed at one time. 
Couldn't even figure out how to launch either one of them, let alone 
use them. And I have perused texts at Powell's Technical Books 
about them. The texts will not suffice.

In my linguistics classes I could never learn the subject just from 
the textbook. Once the prof has explained the subject in a lecture 
and there has been a class discussion of it, only then does the 
textbook finally start to make sense.

You guys ascribe to me far more ability with computers than I 

And even if I could do it, why spend the time it would take? Scribus 
I can already handle with a negligible learning curve. All I need is a 
usable OpenType font with all the IPA characters as well as cool 
DTP characters. Fonts I have some rudimentary understanding of. I 
even used Fontographer to make personal changes to fonts once a 
long time ago. Frankly, it would be less work to buy Fontlab and 
make the font I need than to learn TeX.

Plus, I must repeat myself, even if I learned TeX, it does not do 
anything for the other half of my goal -- to make available an open 
source DTP + IPA font that ALL linguistics students can use.

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