[Scribus] Required Versions of tkinter and python-imaging?

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sun Nov 20 16:23:20 CET 2005

Craig Ringer wrote:

>My suggestion would be to build against 2.4 and document the fact that 
>Python support in Scribus will be unavailable without a local install of 
>Python . Similarly, I'd tell the user that they must install 
>python-imaging and Tkinter to get full functionality out of the bundled 
A little late on this thread, but I think Craig has the best advice. 
Perhaps some advice on Python in a README file somewhere. The benefit of 
having someone install their own Python is that it may be quite a bit 
easier for their version (Linux). In FC4 you can just use yum to 
install, then it will automatically be updated.
Also to just restate slightly what Craig has said, you do not have to 
have Tkinter (or python-imaging) to use scripts, but only for those 
scripts which use Tkinter (or python-imaging).


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