[Scribus] PRINTING Scribus books ?

Kevin Walzer sw
Wed Nov 16 23:03:34 CET 2005

stu seven wrote:
>    ...well, yes, Booksurge is a "pod" printer...
> but, ay yi yi... the "preparation costs" I am
> seeing are astronomical... one hundreds dollars
> plus, just for printing an already finished file,
> this is in addition to cost per copy.
>    Anybody else reading this topic, have a
> suggestion for paperback/hardback printers
> who can print one copy, or on-demand,
> without the high prices ?

I'm not sure one exists. *Any* printer is going to charge you setup 
costs when you first provide them with your files. $100 isn't out of 
line for this kind of setup, especially if you are doing a single title. 
If you are a large publisher, you can often qualify for volume discounts.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Booksurge and Lightning Source 
also offer distribution. They are not just printers.

Other printers in the U.S. that have good reputations include 
Fidlar-Doubleday and Publishers' Graphics. Their prices won't be much 
cheaper than what is outlined above, however.


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