[Scribus] A quoi sert le mode action

Riku Leino tsoots
Wed Nov 16 18:00:51 CET 2005

Carol Kankelborg wrote:
> The answer is:
> When you edit a document, you change different objects. When
> "Item Mode Action" is not selected, "Undo" works as it does in most
> programs: what you did last is undone, then what you did before that,
> etc., regardless of which objects were changed. When you select "Item
> Mode Action," "Undo" only undoes  changes made to the selected object.

When item action mode is required but it feels too difficult always use the 
item action mode (clicking the menu item and then clicking again to disable 
the feature) it's also possible to right click on an item. Scribus then 
switches automatically to the "Item action mode" and it's possible to do 
undo/redo on the selected item from the context menu that was opened by right 
clicking on an object. Now when the context menu is closed Scribus again 
automatically switches back to the "normal undo mode".

A simple thing that will clarify the use of "Item action mode" is to open the 
"Action history" window and see what happens when item action mode is toggled 
(or right click on an item happens)

TODO: Insert French translation here

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