[Scribus] PDF 'Export for web' option

Arun Swarup swarup.arun
Wed Nov 16 17:16:28 CET 2005


I find that the PDFs created by Scribus are excellent, but bigger than
those produced by most other s/w ...  for e.g. it creates a 200KB file
instead of a 20KB file

Maybe it's because i tend to use *too many* fonts & Scribus embeds
them all without subsetting (.... and when I try to subset them, it
converts text to outlines)

I use Scribus 1.3.1 & Ghoscript 7

However, if I do a re-conversion (of the PDF) into PDF, with the font
subsetting option set, it comes out just fine.

Can we have an 'Export for web' option?

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