[Scribus] PDF 'Export for web' option

Craig Ringer craig
Wed Nov 16 19:33:30 CET 2005

Arun Swarup wrote:

>I find that the PDFs created by Scribus are excellent, but bigger than
>those produced by most other s/w ...  for e.g. it creates a 200KB file
>instead of a 20KB file
>Maybe it's because i tend to use *too many* fonts & Scribus embeds
>them all without subsetting (.... and when I try to subset them, it
>converts text to outlines)
>I use Scribus 1.3.1 & Ghoscript 7
>However, if I do a re-conversion (of the PDF) into PDF, with the font
>subsetting option set, it comes out just fine.
>Can we have an 'Export for web' option?

Not yet. I think there are plans to improve some aspects of the PDF 
export, such as producing true font subsets and improving the image 
resampling. I say "I think" because both tasks are rather beyond me at 
present, and I'm not willing to put words into others' mouths.

If you really want to crunch a PDF down, it's still hard to go past 
Acrobat Professional as a PDF post-processing tool. It'd be nice if 
Scribus could produce smaller PDFs from the word go, but size is a 
lesser concern than print reliability and quality at present. Tools 
(such as Acrobat Pro) that take a big PDF and crush it down are 
available, whereas tools to fix problems caused by trying to skimp on 
size are rare or entirely absent.

In terms of free tools, perhaps multivalent has some PDF optimisation 
support - I haven't looked into it.

Craig Ringer

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