[Scribus] PDF Error - Error (227233): Illegal digit in hex char in name

PLinnell mrdocs
Wed Nov 9 17:30:07 CET 2005

On Wednesday 09 November 2005 15:45, H?kan Hagenrud wrote:
> > They are just the way Scribus writes the PDF, and not quality of
> > PDF issues.
> >
> > We had an illegal char issue and it was fixed ages ago tho.
> >
> > Craig
> I think that this is a problem. I tried making pdf files using
> japanese type and fonts, no problems, look nice on screen but I
> cant even select the text to re-use it in another application. The
> same applies when I get lots of spaces in my english or swedish
> text, can't re-use the text.
> Anyone else think this may be a problem?
> /H?kan
> _______________________________________________


In the case of Japanese fonts, the fonts which I am guessing are large 
True Type or Open Type fonts are converted to outlines on export - 
otherwise you would end up with humungous files.

As for text selection in a PDF viewer, no its not optimal, but 
honestly not a high priority fix. Why ?

The method used in the PDF exporter uses an *extremely* precise way of 
placing text on the page. This results in the viewer app showing 
spaces between letters. 

This might get fixed in 1.3.x and I think their is a bug for it. 
However, I doubt seriously we would make any changes to the PDF 
exporter which might jepoardize precision text placement - one of the 
reasons with along with using high quality fonts, I've never seen 
PDF's from Scribus fail when run through RIPs. This goes back to pre 
1.0 days with Scribus.



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