[Scribus] Outdated Scribus 1.2.x and 1.3.x Translations

Petr Vaněk Petr.Vanek
Tue Nov 8 09:14:47 CET 2005

> > I'm the spanish translator. As I don't have too much spare time, I haven't
> > updated 1.3.x translation, because it's a development branch and I think
> > it isn't so important, but when there are new releases of stable branch I
> > update it. When I have time I'll update the 1.3.x translation. I don't
> > mind if you want to remove this translation from the release while it's
> > outdated.
> Thanks for replying Sergio. No, I dont wish to remove it if it will be updated
> in the future. For 1.2.4 you are currently only about 16 strings behind.
> 1.3.x might be a development branch, but it will soon replace 1.2.x in many
> peoples eyes.

Craig, I feel it with czech trans the same as Sergio do. Translation is very time consuming task and I won't to lost of any hours with something what can be changed day from day - I know it's my fault that I'm changing it too ;)
But there is no problem to browse the file and fix at least fuzzy strings and scripter which is quite the same as in 1.2x.

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