[Scribus] PDF-related development

Asif Lodhi asif.lodhi
Mon Nov 7 14:00:58 CET 2005


Can you guys give me URLs of some very good PDF-related online
development resources (of course, free online resources!)?  I might
embark on a PDF-related development project and that too using Qt so
that would be a very good opportunity to get to know PDF *as well as
Scribus* better !

Further, I have Fedora Core 3.  If I do start working on the project
in context, can I think about porting the stuff to Mac _without_
having Mac?  I mean, can I hope to write portable code in Qt that
compiles without a hitch on Mac and generates _no_ errors?

I like Scribus and want to contribute but having to dig into
PDF-related stuff means allocating a hefty chunk of time.  I am
positive that working on a commercial PDF-related project (it's mostly
PDF-reading - no writing!) would give me a jump-start - enough to
enable me to contribute to Scribus as well.

My focus area is reading of encrypted PDFs but with stronger
encryption.  As I already know that XPDF already supports this.  But,
do you think making the encryption _stronger_ is not going to make any
difference to the functional aspects - rendering, etc.?



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