[Scribus] Page numbering revisited

Louis Desjardins louis_desjardins
Wed Nov 2 23:48:57 CET 2005

Craig Bradney a ?crit :

> On Wednesday 02 November 2005 22:49, Louis Desjardins wrote:
>>Craig Bradney a ?crit :
>>>>Craig Bradney a ?crit :
>>>>>>I want to have the first page be a table of contents labeled as 'Page
>>>>>>i' and then start numbering the second page as 'Page 1', etc.
>>>>>>Any ideas?
>>>>>In 1.3.2cvs, you can now do page numbering from any page to any page
>>>>>using the sequences of:
>>>>>You can also set the start offset for each numbering section. (ie,
>>>>>setting offset of 3 in the a,b,c,... type will start that section at c)
>>>>>eg you can have:
>>>>>Page 0 (Cover) not showing a page number (the active setting)
>>>>>Page 1-5 being numbered i-v
>>>>>Page 6-20 being numbered 1-15
>>>>>Page 21-25 being numbered A-E
>>>>>Page 26 being numbered z
>>>>>Page 27 being numbered ii
>>>>>Page 28 (back cover) not showing a page number.
>>>On Wednesday 02 November 2005 22:36, Louis Desjardins wrote:
>>>>This covers most of the needs!
>>You're right. All bases covered.
>>Great job!
> :) Its not finished yet in terms of automation, but the above certainly works. 
> It also provides for reversed numbering.. ie pages 0-9 can be numbered 10-1. 
> This is currently inactive, for today at least.
> Some questions tho.. 
> Page 0-4 being numbered i-v
> Page 5-9 being numbered 1-5
> Page 10-14 being numbered A-E
> If a page is added after page 4, should the new page 5 be in the 1st section, 
> or the first in the 2nd section.. and then how should the section numbering 
> change.
I think what the program has to know is in what section do you add a 
page. In the case you're giving, the new page can be numbered either vi 
or 1. One section has now 6 pages. Which one is up to the user.

> When a page is added within a section, say, after page 6. Should the 2nd 
> section automatically be extended to be 5-10, 
Correct in my view.
and the 3rd be from 11-15?
Yes again.
> the 2nd remain at 5-9 and the 3rd become 10-15?
I think this can be unexpected.

What's added to a section remains into and affects that section only.

Curious to see what others think.


> regards
> Craig
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