[Scribus] Page numbering revisited

Paraplegic Racehorse paraplegic_racehorse
Thu Nov 3 05:12:07 CET 2005

Craig Bradney wrote:

>Some questions tho.. 
>Page 0-4 being numbered i-v
>Page 5-9 being numbered 1-5
>Page 10-14 being numbered A-E
>If a page is added after page 4, should the new page 5 be in the 1st section, 
>or the first in the 2nd section.. and then how should the section numbering 
I haven't looked at the Add Page dialog of the 1.3 series, yet, so I do
not know how it differs from 1.2x. However, the 1.2 series includes
'Insert Before...' and 'Insert After...' logic already. Simply extending
the functionality of the existing logic gives reasonable defaults.

If selected Insert After... (using your example, page 4), append to
section one, continuing page numbering to vi.

If selected Insert Before... (page 5), then prepend to second section,
shifting page numbering so that the new page 5 is labeled '5' and
section continues through 10.

>When a page is added within a section, say, after page 6. Should the 2nd 
>section automatically be extended to be 5-10, and the 3rd be from 11-15?
In short: Yes.

Somewhere down the line, options for changing these defaults probably
should go into doc preferences, somewhere.

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