[Scribus] Printer.s dots?

Frank Cox melville.theatre
Wed Nov 2 18:05:42 CET 2005

The Bargain Hunter has recently purchased some offset presses and now
does all of its printing "in-house".

We print the plates for the presses directly off of a 1200 dpi HP laser

The press operator tells me that we can get better/finer shading if we
use what he called "printer's dots" though he wasn't sure that was the
proper name for it.  These are the fine dots that you can see in some
professional printing jobs as background shading and whatnot, kind of
like the dots that make up a newspaper photo.

The question is, can we somehow generate these printer's dots using
Scribus?  Right now, when we print something out shaded it comes out
solidly shaded and not with these dots.

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