[Scribus] icc profiles

David Eyre david_eyre
Wed Nov 2 15:46:26 CET 2005

Thanks for that Peter. 

I used 'rm' to remove the icc profiles from the
/scribus/profiles folder. 

Then I created a new directory /home/.color/icc and
put the two icc files in there.(That's a great feature
by the way. I created a /home/.fonts directory to
install new fonts and it works like a charm. Scribus
recognizes them every time.)

Scribus now won't launch via the Gnome icon, but will
launch from a terminal. When I go to the Color
Management section of preferences, neither of the two
icc profiles are in the drop down menus.

I must be doing something really daft. Can anyone put
me right?


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