[Scribus] Collect a serie of scanned image into one pdf document

Khiraly khiraly123
Thu May 26 00:07:01 CEST 2005

2005-05-25, sze keltez?ssel 14:44-kor Gregory Pittman ezt ?rta:
> This seem inordinately long.  Maybe shrinking these images before you 
> make your Scribus document would help.  It's hard to believe that the 
> size of the images is useful in any way for the end result (printed output).
The image was about 220dpi (1944x2592), but almost all of them was
cropped a bit. All of the image was touched with the curves gimp dialog,
to make truely black&white (not so grayish).

I have made some test, so printing out at 300dpi optimized for printer
was 150 MB. (finally I was able to print it in 2 hours)
When I have selected 200dpi and optimized for screen/web it was only

I have put online two image, what kind of document Im talking about:
the originaly ''scanned''[1,6MB]:

the retouched version[365KB]:

the final .pdf (200dpi, screen/web, 60pages)[23MB]:

I have discovered some quasi-bug:
When the scribus export to pdf, and there is no more space available
(full harddisk) there are no warning about it, and finish the job. (the
resulted pdf is damaged). I have even saved my document (.sla), and
scribus saved it without any warnings of the unavailable disk space (so
I lost my scribus document)

Best regards, 

ps: Finally Im happy to solve my problem, and find out a usable scanning
Btw, there is any program to remove the graph paper grid?

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