[Scribus] Basic questions about using ligatures in Scribus

frank gaude' tanzen
Sun May 8 19:43:46 CEST 2005

Michael Below wrote:

>Louis Desjardins <louisdesjardins at videotron.ca> writes:
>>The issue about ligatures is there are very many. Few of them are
>>included in the regular set of fonts, such as ff, fi, fl, oe, ae. Some
>>others are put in a separate font. Adobe calls them Expert
>>fonts. There you can find all extra ligatures, such as ffi, ffl, ct,
>>etc., and lots of variations for capital letters, numbers, etc. In all
>>these cases, it is necessary to replace the glyph and the font. A task
>>I wouldn't do without a proper tool, given the many manipulation
>>errors that could occur.
>I agree. Also, the proper ligatures depend upon hyphenation. In
>german, one puts ligatures inside syllables, not at their borders,
>where hyphenation is allowed. E.g. in "Pflanze" (syllables Pflan-ze)
>there is a fl ligature, but not in "Auflauf" (Auf-lauf). At least my
>1961 Duden (orthography rule book) does it like this.
>  Michael
Yes, it a complicated, user interactive, issue, Michael. You can see in 
Adobe's InDesign CS how they handled it, using many opinions to finally 
settle on what they have, a somewhat complicated set of alternates, all 
with OTF capabilities.

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