[Scribus] Font change requestor

frank gaude' tanzen
Mon May 2 16:48:12 CEST 2005

Craig Ringer wrote:

>Personally, rather than /quite/ the current situation, I think it might
>be worth looking at a more structured menu, eg:
>	- Regular
>	- Oblique
>	- Bold
>	- Black
>	- Bold Oblique
>	- Book
>	- ....
>	- Bold
>	- Black
>	- Regular
Good luck with such an approach, Craig. I've watched over the years with 
what Adobe has tried in that area. The problem starts with the fonts and 
their headers not being uniform. You'll find it quite difficult to sort 
through, parse the headers to get a meaningful way to declare the 
subtitles of the font families, really to declare the fonts of the 
individual typefaces. Good luck. I'm sure it can be made to work for a 
select group of fonts from a select group of producers.

I wish for something like you point to, but the two-column approach is 
more than acceptable for keeping the font list short.

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