[Scribus] Font change requestor

tjakabfy tjakabfy
Mon May 2 21:39:01 CEST 2005

frank gaude' wrote:

> Craig Ringer wrote:
>> Personally, rather than /quite/ the current situation, I think it might
>> be worth looking at a more structured menu, eg:
>> Helvectica
>>     - Regular
>>     - Oblique
>>     - Bold
>>     - Black
>>     - Bold Oblique
>>     - Book
>>     - ....
>> Utopia
>>     - Bold
>>     - Black
>>     - Regular
> Good luck with such an approach, Craig. I've watched over the years 
> with what Adobe has tried in that area. The problem starts with the 
> fonts and their headers not being uniform. You'll find it quite 
> difficult to sort through, parse the headers to get a meaningful way 
> to declare the subtitles of the font families, really to declare the 
> fonts of the individual typefaces. Good luck. I'm sure it can be made 
> to work for a select group of fonts from a select group of producers.
> I wish for something like you point to, but the two-column approach is 
> more than acceptable for keeping the font list short.
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Frankly, there are TOO MANY fonts on my list. Doing a newsletter I try 
to use two or 3 fonts to keep the size of the Acrobat file down. I would 
simply like  two lists. One list I could transfer the 'current fonts' to 
and the other list, 'all of the fonts'.

my $0.02


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