[Scribus] scribus for suse 8.1 prof

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Sun Jun 19 23:55:07 CEST 2005

Hi Suren,

> I tried installing  scribus on 8.1 and finally gave up!!

See my previous reply.

> I updated to suse 9.2 prof. suse very cleanly wiped out
> my Quanta and my codes along with it. Not so bad, as i could
> still download it from the site. This is not the only disappointment
> i have had with suse. I am seriously thinking of changing over to
> debian.( I have been using suse since 1998).

 From my experience, updating _any_ OS without a backup of your data is 
a bit careless. I don't know how reliable OS X updates are, but Windoze 
or most Linux distros aren't quite good at it (with the exception, 
perhaps, of Debian and Gentoo. It's a good idea to do a fresh install of 
SuSE 9.2 and then download the packages you need from SuSE. If your 
compter ran 8.1 without problems, 9.2 should work flawlessly.

> I have only used quanta for web development, since it offers me
> an in built ftp interface for uploading.

In case SuSE shipped a buggy or beta version of Quanta, did you ever try 
nvu (www.nvu.com)? nvu has its own installer, so you don't have to take 
care of dependencies. Did you consider building Quanta from source?

> But I need scribus too! 

Packages for SuSE are available on www.scribus.org.uk.



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