[Scribus] Importing EPSF files in Scribus by pstoedit!

Craig Ringer craig
Fri Jun 10 14:42:11 CEST 2005

On Fri, 2005-06-10 at 16:51 +0530, Suki Venkat, [TnQ] wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks Craig Ringer for the reply. If I try import EPS/PS then I
> sometimes get "Scribus crashes due to Signal #11" message box (I am
> using Scribus 1.3.0cvs on Fedora Core 3 Intel PC).

That's interesting. What GhostScript version are you using? Did you
compile Scribus yourself? How old is your 1.3 build? Any chance you can
file a bug on http://bugs.scribus.net/ with a sample EPS file or two and
a description of how to make the crash happen reliably. If possible, a
backtrace from gdb would be extremely useful too, especially if you
compiled with --enable-debug. Including a sample screenshot of the
quality problem would be helpful as well.

Feel free to drop in on IRC too - #scribus on irc.freenode.net .

That EPS imports fine into Scribus here. It looks fine in GSView, a PDF
made with ps2pdf looks fine, and so does the PDF made from the imported
EPS. I did notice that the EPS doesn't have the fonts embedded (it
should have, generally), but that didn't cause a problem here. More info

Craig Ringer

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