[Scribus] New porting target

Martin Costabel costabel
Mon Jun 6 23:25:56 CEST 2005

zee wrote:
> My production mac has X-11 which has presented scribus installation 
> difficulties via Fink..my alternative is to nuke and pave and reinstall 
> everything for scribus, which is not possible w/respect to projects 
> ongoing.

Compared to what I have been reading from users of some linux 
distributions, Fink users in general have remarkably few difficulties to 
install scribus with X11. Perhaps if you gave details about the problems 
you have been seeing, someone could have helped you.

> My second Mac is a Tiger install; Tiger and Scribus seem to have issues 
> from what I understand.

Where do you understand this from? I haven't heard about such issues yet.


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