[Scribus] Some font questions

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Mon Jun 6 20:01:29 CEST 2005

Gregory Pittman wrote:

> Maciej Hanski wrote:
>> Ok, I understand that this was to much to be asked before the week 
>> end :)
>> Meanwhile, the number of questions has been reduced to these few ones:
>> 1. Impact type face included in the MS Core package:     -What is 
>> this font typically used for in printing?
>>       Font sample: 
>> http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/Darmowe_polskie_fonty_przeznaczone_do_druku#Impact 
> I note that I have Impact in Wordperfect 8, and indicating that it is 
> a Truetype font.  I don't know what that means about copyright, etc.
This site: http://www.linotype.com/13319/impact-font.html  wants to sell 
you a license for Impact, with lots of restrictions -- sounds like no 
The Microsoft FAQ site 
(http://www.microsoft.com/typography/faq/faq8.htm) says this:


TrueType core fonts for the Web FAQ

*Q* Microsoft no longer distributes the Web core fonts, so why is the 
FAQ still here?

*A* This FAQ is being kept in place for those who downloaded the fonts 
before we discontinued the program and for those who downloaded them 
from elsewhere.

*Q* What can I do with these fonts?

*A* For all the rules that govern the use of these fonts please read the 
end user license agreement 

    * Anyone can download and install these fonts for their own use.
    * Designers can specify the fonts within their Web pages. Our guide
      to specifying fonts in Web pages
      <http://www.microsoft.com/typography/web/default.htm> explains how
      to do this.
    * You may only redistribute the fonts in their original form (.exe
      or .sit.hqx) and with their original file name from your Web site
      or intranet site.
    * You must *not* supply the fonts, or any derivative fonts based on
      them, in any form that adds value to commercial products, such as
      CD-ROM or disk based multimedia programs, application software or
      utilities. See Microsoft's permissions site
      for more details.

So it sounds like you cannot embed them.  You would have to make sure 
your printer has a license.  On the other hand, if you were only going 
to use them on your own computer, it wouldn't matter.


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