[Scribus] Transparenz fuer Buchstaben und Ziffern/Transparencyforletters

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Wed Jun 1 12:39:18 CEST 2005

>Louis Desjardins wrote:
>>Guten Morgen Michael!
>>Sorry my German is that short but here is what I found for you:
>>Einstellungen > Voreinstellungen > Anzeige > PDF 1.4 Transparenzen aktivieren
>>In the "Anzeige" dialog click the option for PDF 1.4.
>>Otherwise, the Properties (Eigenschaften) will never show the 
>>option for Opacity (Deckkraft).
>>Then : Farben (Eigenschaften) > Deckkraft (0-100%)
>>This feature has been there for a long time now. If you still can't 
>>find it, then I suggest you post more specific info on your build 
>>so developpers can help track this down.
>>Michael G. Schmidt a ?crit :
>>>Louis Desjardins wrote:
>>>>Michael G. Schmidt a ?crit :
>>>>>Guten Morgen! :)
>>>>>Gibt es eine Moeglichkeit Transparenz auf Buchstaben und Ziffern 
>>>>>Good morning! :)
>>>>>Is there a possibility to use transparency for letters?
>>>>Hi Michael,
>>>>1. Settings > Preferences > Display : make sure the Use PDF 1.4 
>>>>Transparency Features is checked
>>>>2. Select any object and go to the "Properties" palette, select 
>>>>the "Colors" tab. "Opacity" settings will be there.
>>>>For fine controls, select your type and convert it to outlines. 
>>>>Then apply opacity. Play a bit with it !
>>>>>TIA und viele Gruesse,
>>>>>with greetings,
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>>>Hi, Louis!
>>>I've been a little too happy, too early.;)
>>>What I reached is, that I only have lines around my letters. The 
>>>points PDF Transparency, Display and Opacity I haven't found in 
>>>any of my menus.
>>>I use a scribus for debian. Perhaps it's different from the original...
>>>Thank you!
>>>Yours sincerly
>>>Scribus mailing list
>>>Scribus at nashi.altmuehlnet.de
>Good Morning Louis! :)
>First at all thank you very much that you've been so kind and 
>friendly to help me in German! I've been very happy about it!
>You've given me _the_ important hint! The step I've missed was the 
>"Voreinstellungen". I allways searched for "Anzeige" or "Display" in 
>the first level of the menus. Now I've found it and also found the 
>"PDF Transparenz 1.4". So the "Deckkraft".;).
>Again very many thanks to you!
>Yours sincerly,

Guten Morgen Michael! :)
I am glad this "hint" helped you. True, it is not as easy to find (or 
even think of) as it seems. Of course, once you know... Further 
version of Scribus might implement this a "friendlier" way. For 
instance, the field "Opacity" could be there no matter what and the 
tooltip could simply ask the user to activate Transparency to make 
use of it (as a suggestion).
I wish I could speak lots of languages! It takes time and lots of 
practice... and occasions to speak!
I figured out by the different posts we were missing the point by a 
tiny bit here. This motivated me to go and look into the German 
interface! It was fun on my side too!

Auf wiedersehen!


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