[Scribus] Re: Aqua versions crash on start #more progress

Martin b21280
Mon Jul 25 11:34:28 CEST 2005


>>  >  > *** I really wonder which of these fonts would be
>>>>   of type TTC, or how I'd find out...??? As said
>>>>   above, Font Book did not reveal such a detail...
>>>>   unless 'TTC' = "datafork TrueType' ??
>No. TTC is truetype collection. They are quite rare.
>But it might be that fontconfig/freetype just *think* they found a TTC font,
>which of course will go horribly wrong...

Same thing on my Tiger installation; Scribus starts fine only after 
running fc-list directly... BTW, on my PowerBook this takes near 15 
minutes. Maybe Scribus can't hold it that long? It stops responding 
after a few minutes into font searching.

For a change, I tried my luck on a G4 running 10.3.4 again with only 
Apple fonts installed in System-wide font libraries.
I started Scribus right away, carefully avoiding any interference 
like clicking on the splash screen or switching to another program. 
When I returned from the kitchen with a fresh coffee, it had finished 
launching, and was ready to go.

Actually, from 
http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/Installing_additional_fonts I 
understand that fontconfig is only needed if users want their fonts 
to be used by other open source applications as well since font 
folders can be defined from within Scribus. But Aqua-Scribus can't 
seem to do other than doing font-config at first launch. -- If so, 
maybe make fontconfig run optional?

>>=> Is it possible that Scribus.app has a problem
>>to execute fc-list on first launch, whereas if
>>fc-list done manually, Scribus afterwards doesn't
>>need to do it anymore and can therefore complete
>>it's startup process?
>maybe fc-list also initializes the fc-cache files.
>Try removing the  /Library/Fonts/fonts.cache-1 files and see if
>it breaks again...

Well, I've found "fonts.cache-1" files right in the home directories 
of any user where I have played around with Scribus.
After renaming the one in my current active account, Scribus would 
crash there. After restoring original naming, Scribus would lauch 
again without probs.

TNX! -Martin

BTW, since now I am able to do some work in Scribus, I've already 
collected a few crash reports. Any interest, or would you say that 
you currently have enough of your own? (I am half joking; I think 
Scribus will run much better on the G4 than on my aging PowerBook)

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