[Scribus] Re: Aqua versions crash on start #some progress

Andreas Vox avox
Sun Jul 24 23:28:04 CEST 2005

Martin wrote:
> Hello Craig,
> >  > *** I really wonder which of these fonts would be
> >>  of type TTC, or how I'd find out...??? As said
> >>  above, Font Book did not reveal such a detail...
> >>  unless 'TTC' = "datafork TrueType' ??

No. TTC is truetype collection. They are quite rare.
But it might be that fontconfig/freetype just *think* they found a TTC 
which of course will go horribly wrong...

> >
> >Try posting the output of the almost undocumented:
> >
> >fc-list '' file family style
> OK... =>
> /Library/Fonts/Skia.dfont: Skia:style=Regular
> ...
> /System/Library/Fonts/???????9?1???????9?1 Pro
> W6.otf: Hiragino Kaku Gothic Pro W6:style=Regular
> So, all I see are TTF, dfonts, and some otfs, no
> TTC. And all Apple-installed, I believe.
> If so, how come that FontConfig was chewing on some TTC font?

see above.

> >  > Tomorrow, I'll continue and try to get Scribus
> >>  running on the Tiger system plus on the iMac as
> >>  well; maybe this gives me some clue as to why
> >  > this problem happened...
> Here's what happened on the iMac (10.3.8):
> Remove previously installed Frameworks,
> re-downloaded and installed full framework
> package; Sribus ie FontConfig crashed.
> Removed FontConfig and installed the FontConfig
> package that's available as a single download, as
> this seem to have done the trick yesterday. Ups:
> Sribus ie FontConfig crashed.
> Realized that during troubleshooting I had
> applied one other measure: running fc-list.
> So I ran fc-list on the iMac as well. When it was
> finished, double-clicked Scribus. Now starts
> perfectly.


> => Is it possible that Scribus.app has a problem
> to execute fc-list on first launch, whereas if
> fc-list done manually, Scribus afterwards doesn't
> need to do it anymore and can therefore complete
> it's startup process?

maybe fc-list also initializes the fc-cache files.
Try removing the  /Library/Fonts/fonts.cache-1 files and see if
it breaks again...


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