[Scribus] how to have pictures flow along with text?

Martin b21280
Mon Jul 25 00:04:52 CEST 2005


I am trying to figure out how I would ensure that a picture (frame) 
sticks at a specific point in the text flow (for example, right above 
the related caption), even when text or other objects are added or 
delete above?

What I see at the moment is that added picture frames flow separately 
from the text frame. I can align and adjust picture frames for 
perfect fit with the text flow, but whenever text is being added or 
deleted some where up, then all sub-sequent picture frames will need 
to be re-adjusted (moved up or down), since they don't flow with the 
text automatically.

So any suggestions on how to keep picture and text flow 'in sync'? 
TNX, Martin (July Aqua pre-release)

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