[Scribus] Scribus 1.3 observations

Deb and Peter Zweck debandpete
Mon Jul 25 03:06:26 CEST 2005


Just been playing around with 1.3 (Mandrake cooker rpm build 14th July)
on Mandrake 10.1 and found a couple things so far. I keep getting errors 
when I try to create an account on the bugtracker so am posting this 
here (and I don't know how to use bugtracker). Sorry if these have been 
covered already.

1. On startup Scribus doesn't like my Python. Scribus stops loading and
pops up an alert box saying the Python plugin failed. This is
fine(probably something wrong on my system), except the alert box
appears neatly behind the splash screen with only the very edges of the
box showing. The only way to see the box, click the OK button and
continue loading is to carefully grab and resize the edge of the box and
then drag the box from behind the splash screen. The first time it took
me a while to figure out why Scribus wasn't loading. Alert boxes need to
appear in front of the splash screen.

2. Some images that have been OK in a 1.2.1 document appear pixelated in 
1.3. See attached screen shot for an example. The actual image is a TIFF
about 1800x1100px but is at 2400dpi which may have something to do with
it. The image exports fine to pdf from 1.3, it is just the on-screen
display that appears this way. I have also tried putting this image in a 
fresh 1.3 document but the same thing happens.

Otherwise 1.3 has some great new functions...especially the undo!! Job
well done.


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