[Scribus] Aqua version bulleting/indenting questions

Martin b21280
Sun Jul 24 22:16:09 CEST 2005


how would I cleanly bullet a list where some list items may exceed one line?
I had thought I would indent all but the first line by say 5mm, and 
set a tab stop by the same distance. Then I'd start typing bullet and 
tab, followed by list text, and if that text exceeds the first line, 
the flow to the following lines would align with where the text in 
the first line starts, instead of aligning with the first line's 
bullet placing.

However, I can't seem to set first line indent to a value smaller 
than overall paragraph indent. Whatever way I drag the triangles 
around in the ruler of the style's dialog (like keeping the top 
triangle at 0 while dragging the lower triangle a bit to the right), 
the values and the preview always show that the first line is 
indented at least by the same distance as the rest of the paragraph.

Well, any recommendations for how to bullet a list? TNX! -Martin

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