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Kevin Walzer sw
Tue Jul 19 16:33:00 CEST 2005

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I found that Scribus crashed almost constantly when I had a lot of fonts
on my system: it just choked on them during the startup phase. The
number of fonts I had slowed down other applications and even
overwhelmed Font Book. After removing a large number of fonts that I
never used, Scribus now starts up fine (and my system is snappier
overall). I'm on 10.4.2.


Kevin Walzer, PhD
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Andreas Vox wrote:
| Martin wrote:
|> Hello,
|> Both aqua version I have downloaded today from
|> http://aqua.scribus.net/ crash on startup with spinning beach ball, a
|> few seconds into "Searching for fonts...", on a G4 system running
|> 10.3.9.
| Could you send the crash report? Start the debug version, when the crash
| reports shows up, choose "Send crash report", copy the report into the
| clipboard, cancel crash reporter and send the clipboard contents to the
| list?
|> Before starting Scribus for first time, I downloaded the frameworks
|> from the same sources and copied the individual packages into the
|> Frameworks directory in my User library. After first crash, I
|> replaced Freetype 2.1.10 with 2.1.9 yet same result/problem.
| So it wasn't any bug which got fixed in 2.1.10....
|> After
|> more unsuccessful tries to start the app, I added the Ghostscript
|> framework to /Library/Frameworks. Still...
| Ghostscript at the wrong place only affects Print Preview and EPS import,
| Scribus should still start up...
|> I wonder if the downloads gave me the latest version at all. From the
|> .tar.bz2 file names, I've been under the impression that they'd
|> reveal something dated July 2, but the app's dates are Jun 19 => ?
| Tar files show the last modification date of the included files. Some
| are alder than others.
| Eg. Scribus.app/Contents/bin/scribus should be of July 3.
|> Also, could some kind and Unix-savy soul enlighten my how to apply
|> the "source patch against 130cvs from July 2", or point me to some
|> description of the patching process?
| You have three options:
| a)  compile cvs without the patch
| b) apply the patch to current cvs
| c) apply the patch to cvs from July 2
| Follow the instructions on scribus.net for a). This should give you a
| working Scribus with just some minor glitches.
| For b), change to the top directory (the one which contains configure)
| and execute the following after the cvs command:
|     patch -p0 < /path/to/patchfile.diff
| If there are no rejections, you can continue as in a)
| To get the same version as I did compile, you have to modify the cvs
| command. One is something like -D for the date and another option to use
| earlier file versions if a file wasn't modified on that date. Please
| consult the cvs manpage for that. After that the same as in b).
| I don't recommend any of those, tho, especially if you are not used to
| compile apps from scratch. Your problem is either some incompatibility
| (I'm on 10.3.7) or you have too many or problematic fonts on your system.
| The best way I can help you is if you send me the crash report and maybe
| the output on the console (/Applications/Utilities/Console.app).
| Ciao
| /Andreas
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