[Scribus] Re: Aqua versions crash on start

Andreas Vox avox
Tue Jul 19 15:51:11 CEST 2005

Martin wrote:
> Hello,
> Both aqua version I have downloaded today from
> http://aqua.scribus.net/ crash on startup with spinning beach ball, a
> few seconds into "Searching for fonts...", on a G4 system running
> 10.3.9.

Could you send the crash report? Start the debug version, when the 
crash reports shows up, choose "Send crash report", copy the report 
into the clipboard, cancel crash reporter and send the clipboard 
contents to the list?

> Before starting Scribus for first time, I downloaded the frameworks
> from the same sources and copied the individual packages into the
> Frameworks directory in my User library. After first crash, I
> replaced Freetype 2.1.10 with 2.1.9 yet same result/problem.

So it wasn't any bug which got fixed in 2.1.10....

> After
> more unsuccessful tries to start the app, I added the Ghostscript
> framework to /Library/Frameworks. Still...

Ghostscript at the wrong place only affects Print Preview and EPS 
Scribus should still start up...

> I wonder if the downloads gave me the latest version at all. From the
> .tar.bz2 file names, I've been under the impression that they'd
> reveal something dated July 2, but the app's dates are Jun 19 => ?

Tar files show the last modification date of the included files. Some 
are alder than others.
Eg. Scribus.app/Contents/bin/scribus should be of July 3.

> Also, could some kind and Unix-savy soul enlighten my how to apply
> the "source patch against 130cvs from July 2", or point me to some
> description of the patching process?

You have three options:

a)  compile cvs without the patch
b) apply the patch to current cvs
c) apply the patch to cvs from July 2

Follow the instructions on scribus.net for a). This should give you a 
working Scribus with just some minor glitches.

For b), change to the top directory (the one which contains configure) 
and execute the following after the cvs command:

	patch -p0 < /path/to/patchfile.diff

If there are no rejections, you can continue as in a)

To get the same version as I did compile, you have to modify the cvs 
command. One is something like -D for the date and another option to 
use earlier file versions if a file wasn't modified on that date. 
Please consult the cvs manpage for that. After that the same as in b).

I don't recommend any of those, tho, especially if you are not used to 
compile apps from scratch. Your problem is either some incompatibility 
(I'm on 10.3.7) or you have too many or problematic fonts on your 
The best way I can help you is if you send me the crash report and 
maybe the output on the console (/Applications/Utilities/Console.app).


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