[Scribus] Aqua versions crash on start

Martin b21280
Mon Jul 18 17:08:12 CEST 2005


Both aqua version I have downloaded today from 
http://aqua.scribus.net/ crash on startup with spinning beach ball, a 
few seconds into "Searching for fonts...", on a G4 system running 

Before starting Scribus for first time, I downloaded the frameworks 
from the same sources and copied the individual packages into the 
Frameworks directory in my User library. After first crash, I 
replaced Freetype 2.1.10 with 2.1.9 yet same result/problem. After 
more unsuccessful tries to start the app, I added the Ghostscript 
framework to /Library/Frameworks. Still...

I wonder if the downloads gave me the latest version at all. From the 
.tar.bz2 file names, I've been under the impression that they'd 
reveal something dated July 2, but the app's dates are Jun 19 => ?

Also, could some kind and Unix-savy soul enlighten my how to apply 
the "source patch against 130cvs from July 2", or point me to some 
description of the patching process?

TNX so much! -Martin

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