[Scribus] splash screen

frank gaude' tanzen
Mon Jul 18 15:27:32 CEST 2005

netkat at comcast.net wrote:

>"DTP" may be more familiar to some people, but 
>speaking as an Art Director, I can tell you that 
>it isn't a term looked upon favorably by 
>designers. It's placed in the category something 
>done by tourists, wankers, hobbyists and 
>dabblers. My suggestion of different wording is 
>not to confuse people accustomed to one term, but 
>rather to INclude an entire profession by 
>offering more accurate descriptive words of what 
>Scribus is.
>Looked at another way, a car and a boat are both 
>vehicles, but you wouldn't attempt to drive a car 
>across the ocean..
Couldn't agree more, Netkat!

No where can I find the use of DTP in Adobe's literature. For InDesign 
we have, "With its sophisticated design and production controls and 
unmatched integration with other Adobe applications, Adobe InDesign CS2 
software is not only a better choice for page layout ? it's a superior 
way to work."

The term DTP left the American scene in about 1996 when glue pots, 
cut-and-paste for graphic design was fully finished and Madison Avenue 
used computers 100% for paste-up instead of Xacto knives. <smile>

"Page Layout" rightly describes what Scribus does, can do. In the latter 
days of Aldus' Pagemaker that's what it was called, a layout program. So...


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