[Scribus] Color Management & Scribus-1.2.2cvs - local directory install on FC3

Owen Cook rcook
Fri Jul 15 01:32:55 CEST 2005

On Thu, 14 Jul 2005, Asif Lodhi wrote:

> I sent an e-mail to the list earlier.  This is the second e-mail for
> the same problem.

Yes, I saw that.

> I have installed Scribus-1.2.2cvs under a directory "progs" which is
> in my own home directory - using all configure options - prefix,
> libdir, includedir, etc..  So all the Scribus files, libraries, icons,
> executables, have been installed under that directory tree.  Before
> installing Scribus-1.2.2cvs from the latest tarball, I had already
> installed little CMS and its development RPMs and then AFPL GS and its
> dependent libraries - LibPNG, LibJPEG, etc.  I also copied Adobe ICC
> Profiles in "~/.scribus/profiles", and "~/progs/lib/scribus/profiles"
> and all the other places I thought would fix the problem.  All
> installed fine.  The Help/About Scribus dialog box shows "C-C-T" with
> appropriate tooltips showing that the Color Management has been
> installed OK.  However, whenever I select Color Management from the
> menu it pops up a dialog box telling me that Color Management is
> either not installed ...... something like that - a rather longish
> message that I do not recall right now.

I am not sure of what you are doing.

What platform are you trying to build this on?

What version of the 1.2.2 cvs are you building, the 'About' has a date and
number. The last one I made was dated 9 Jul

What happens if you do a ./configure --prefix=~/progs and forget all about
the libdirs etc?

You should write down 'longish' messages as they are likely to help, it
may have said something like "Make sure you have your profiles path set in
the Preferences" So are your preferences set correctly, you don't say so
in the above (I think)


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