[Scribus] Color Management & Scribus-1.2.2cvs - local directory install on FC3

Asif Lodhi asif.lodhi
Thu Jul 14 23:49:06 CEST 2005


I sent an e-mail to the list earlier.  This is the second e-mail for
the same problem.

I have installed Scribus-1.2.2cvs under a directory "progs" which is
in my own home directory - using all configure options - prefix,
libdir, includedir, etc..  So all the Scribus files, libraries, icons,
executables, have been installed under that directory tree.  Before
installing Scribus-1.2.2cvs from the latest tarball, I had already
installed little CMS and its development RPMs and then AFPL GS and its
dependent libraries - LibPNG, LibJPEG, etc.  I also copied Adobe ICC
Profiles in "~/.scribus/profiles", and "~/progs/lib/scribus/profiles"
and all the other places I thought would fix the problem.  All
installed fine.  The Help/About Scribus dialog box shows "C-C-T" with
appropriate tooltips showing that the Color Management has been
installed OK.  However, whenever I select Color Management from the
menu it pops up a dialog box telling me that Color Management is
either not installed ...... something like that - a rather longish
message that I do not recall right now.

I would be thankful if you guys help me out of this weird problem. 
Scribus worked perfectly well when I installed it normally (without
the configure options) in system directories.

Best regards

Asif Lodhi

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