[Scribus] Re: Color Management & Scribus-1.2.2cvs - local directory install on FC3

Asif Lodhi asif.lodhi
Fri Jul 15 02:41:45 CEST 2005

Hi Owen,

Thanks for replying.  

On 7/14/05, Owen Cook <rcook at pcug.org.au> wrote:
> What platform are you trying to build this on?
   Intel Celeron 1.7 GHz, Intel GL something board.  Fedora Core 3 - customized 
   developer-centric installation.
> What version of the 1.2.2 cvs are you building, the 'About' has a date and
> number. The last one I made was dated 9 Jul
   Mine has Build ID: 20 June 2005 C-C-T.

> What happens if you do a ./configure --prefix=~/progs and forget all about
> the libdirs etc?

Nothing strange happened :)  In fact, everything went just perfect!

I used the following options with configure:

--prefix=/home/asif/prog --bindir=/home/asif/prog/bin
--sbindir=/home/asif/prog/sbin --libexecdir=/home/asif/prog/libexec
--datadir=/home/asif/prog/share --sysconfdir=/home/asif/prog/etc
--localstatedir=/home/asif/prog/var --libdir=/home/asif/prog/lib
--includedir=/home/asif/prog/include --infodir=/home/asif/prog/info

> .................................... "Make sure you have your profiles path set in
> the Preferences" .................
Yes, I understand.  Sorry, list folks!  I will make sure my posts have
all relevant info the next time.  When I select "Settings/Color
Management" a dialog box pops up which says:

"Color management is supported but can not correctly be enabled.  Make
sure you have ICC Color profiles installed and that the profile path
in the preferences points to where they are installed."

I put all ICC profiles in the directory
/home/asif/prog/lib/scribus/profiles/ in addition to copying the same
to other directories (/home/asif/.scribus and

I am running QT 3.3.3 that comes bundled with Fedora Core 3.
> Owen

Thanks in advance

Asif Lodhi

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