[Scribus] (OT) WartHog Bulletin on line

Thomas Koll tomk32
Thu Jul 14 07:22:16 CEST 2005

Hi James,

Nice issue, a bit better than the last one I've read.
A few things:
You are obviously targeting to duplex-printing, so why don't you have  
and bigger inner margin?
No hyphenation? Even if you do it manually, it's worth the time.
page 12: don't touch the line
page 20: the headings of 10. april and 12. may have something that  
10. june doesn't
The margin around half-column images still seems to be a problem,  
maybe we can expect the devs to include an easier option for space  
around images than scaling the outer frame?

Anyways, it's good work. How many readers and downloads do you have  
per issue? My WikiReader Digest has reached 25/2500.

ciao, tom

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