[Scribus] hyphenation & blank spaces: how to reduce?

luca colferai colferai
Tue Jul 12 09:55:10 CEST 2005

Is it possible to hack the hyphenation to reduce drammatically the blank 
spaces added?
On italian text justified frequently the hyphenation produces lines with 
three/fours words and a lot of ugly blank spaces, without a reasonable 
ortographic motivation.
I suspect many times it's possible to "pack" the words in the same line, but 
appears impossible to "bring up" the word "pushed down". 
I tried to change the hyph_it.dic with the hyph_it_IT.dic of openoffice (more 
lines of instructions) that works but no changes in the blank spaces... 
Also I think it's impossible to shrink the spaces,  using that in the ancient 
time of tipography (linotype) was named "double-wedge space" (spazio mobile 
in it) maybe a future feature for the powerful scribus?
thank you!
scribus is better!

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